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Our Process

How Our Online Accounting Works

Micro Accounting Partners: Your Blueprint for Online Accounting Success

At Micro Accounting Partners, we've developed a proven strategy to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge online accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions. Our tailored process is designed to streamline your financial operations and ensure you're equipped for success. Here's how we get started:

1. Discovery: Understanding Your Business

Our journey begins with a personalized consultation. We'll arrange a call with one of our experienced CPAs to introduce our team and learn about your business operations. From how you handle invoicing and vendor payments to tracking employee time and ensuring tax compliance, we aim to grasp your current accounting practices thoroughly. This initial discovery phase allows us to recommend user-friendly, cloud-based applications that will seamlessly transition your accounting online.

2. Crafting Your Game Plan

Armed with insights from our discovery session, we'll craft a comprehensive game plan tailored to your needs. This plan encompasses all-inclusive pricing for a custom suite of applications to manage your finances, alongside services for annual corporate tax compliance and personal income tax preparation. We'll walk you through each aspect of your plan, ensuring the chosen apps and strategies perfectly align with your business objectives.

3. Partnering for Success

The final step in our process is about partnership and implementation. We'll work closely with you to set up your chosen app ecosystem and establish a workflow that fits our mutual goals. This partnership includes unlimited access to your dedicated CPA and key team members via Zoom or Skype, ensuring you always have the support you need. Additionally, we'll provide comprehensive training on your new online applications, empowering you to maximize their benefits from day one.

Transform Your Financial Management with Micro Accounting Partners

Wave goodbye to traditional accounting headaches and step into a world of efficiency and clarity. Contact us today at 503-705-5686 or request your free consultation online to discover how our tailored online accounting solutions can revolutionize the way you do business. Let's build your financial success story together

Why Virtual Accounting Services?

Embrace the Future of Finance with Micro Accounting Partners

In the digital age, technology is not just an option; it's the backbone of efficient business operations. At Micro Accounting Partners, we understand the power of technology in transforming the financial management of your business. By integrating online accounting software, we offer you the chance to not only save precious time and resources but also to maintain a competitive edge. Contact us now for a​ free consultation or give us a call at 503-705-5686 to explore the advantages of partnering with a virtual accountant.

Economize While Simplifying Your Life

Transitioning your accounting to the cloud eliminates the need for traditional software hassles. Forget about installing cumbersome applications, costly upgrades, and the frustration of slow customer support. Our cloud-based solutions are not only cost-effective but also incredibly user-friendly, designed to make your life and business operations smoother.

Streamline Your Accounting Practices

The era of cumbersome file exchanges with your accountant is over. By housing your accounting online, we can oversee your transactions in real time, ensuring your financial data remains accurate, clean, and meticulously organized—without the back-and-forth.

Flexible Solutions for Growing Businesses

Our online accounting applications are built to grow with you. Catering to both emerging startups and established enterprises, our scalable solutions prepare you for whatever the future holds. From bill payments and cash flow monitoring to payroll processing, our comprehensive suite of tools is designed to support every facet of your financial management needs. Discover our partners and the versatile apps we offer.

Access Your Financial Data Anytime, Anywhere

A cloud-based accounting system means freedom. Access your financial information from any device, anywhere there's internet. Instantly check who owes you money, confirm payment receipts, and manage your cash flow efficiently to keep your business dynamic and on the move.

Elevate your financial management with technology that saves time, cuts costs, and keeps you ahead in the fast-paced business world. Reach out to Micro Accounting Partners today at 503-705-5686 to secure your pathway to streamlined and advanced accounting solutions.

Steps to Get Started

Discover the Micro Accounting Partners Difference

Choosing Micro Accounting Partners means embarking on a journey toward streamlined accounting processes, faster service delivery, and expert financial guidance. With our team by your side, you're free to focus on nurturing customer relationships, expanding your business, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Begin with Ease: Request a complimentary consultation online or dial 503-705-5686 to kickstart your journey.

1. Initial Consultation: Tailored to Your Business Needs

Our partnership kicks off with a deep dive into your business operations. We'll tailor your online accounting system with the necessary add-in apps to ensure a seamless transition. Transitioning from another system? We've got you covered with data export support to migrate your chart of accounts and recent transactions, streamlining your move to our platform.

2. Comprehensive Service Packages: All-Inclusive Virtual Accounting

Our Virtual Accounting Department packages are designed to keep your financials precise and current. Opt for our flat-rate monthly pricing for a comprehensive suite of services, including:​

•    A Xero subscription coupled with our expert accounting services for ongoing financial transactions.
•    Subscriptions to essential add-ins, managed by our professionals.
•    Complete system setup and configuration, including conversion and startup training.
•    Daily automated bank feeds and reconciliations.
•    Period-end closings and adjustments for accurate financial statements

Enjoy the flexibility of no long-term commitments. Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to adjust or cancel services according to your needs

3. Beyond Basics: Additional Services for Comprehensive Support

Leveraging our partnership, benefit from competitively priced federal, state, and local tax preparation services. Need further accounting guidance, financial analysis, or specialized project assistance? We provide upfront quotes for additional services, ensuring transparency.

Elevate Your Business Intelligence

Harness the power of Microsoft Power BI with our Business Intelligence services, tailored especially for small businesses and ecommerce ventures. From actionable dashboards to critical KPI metrics for sales, forecasting, and inventory, we empower you with the insights needed for strategic decision-making.


Micro Accounting Partners: Your Pathway to Financial Clarity and Business Growth

Don't wait to transform your accounting experience. Contact us today at 503-705-5686 to learn how our expertise can elevate your business.

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