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Online Payroll Services

Transform Payroll from a Chore to a Breeze with Online Solutions

If payroll processing feels like navigating a labyrinth with your current system, it's time for an upgrade. Modern online payroll applications have revolutionized this essential business operation, making it a swift item to tick off your daily agenda. With Micro Accounting Partners, step into the future of payroll management using our selected online payroll app, where the complexities of payroll become a relic of the past.

We're proud to introduce our clients to Gusto, the premier online payroll solution designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind. Gusto stands out for its user-friendliness, mobility, and seamless integration with Xero™, ensuring your payroll operations are as smooth as silk. From setup guidance to effortless management of weekly payrolls, generating reports, onboarding new hires, and more, we ensure every step is straightforward.

Concerned about accurately calculating payroll taxes? Gusto alleviates those worries by automating your payroll tax filings, drastically reducing the risk of penalties and giving you peace of mind. Imagine no longer dreading payroll deadlines but rather managing them with a few simple clicks or taps, wherever you are.

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of Gusto and discover the substantial difference it makes in your time management and overall business operations. With Micro Accounting Partners, transitioning to online payroll isn't just about upgrading software—it's about freeing yourself to concentrate on the growth and health of your business.

Escape the Office Constraints and Elevate Your Business Practices by Switching to Online Payroll Processing

Contact us for a complimentary consultation or call 503-705-5686 to embark on your journey to payroll simplicity with Gusto.


Online Payroll for Small Businesses

  • Gusto online payroll that works with Xero™

  • Calculate payroll taxes automatically

  • Automated time tracking

  • File payroll taxes electronically to avoid tax penalties

  • Accurate payroll calculations

  • Direct deposits

  • 24/7 access to payroll reports

  • Optionally offer employee benefits

  • Integration with other business solutions

  • Calculate sales rep commissions

  • W-2 and 1099 preparation

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