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Online Accounting Partners and Apps

Embrace Efficiency with Micro Accounting Partners' Technology-Driven Accounting Solutions


Micro Accounting Partners bridges the gap between your business finances and the latest in accounting technology, offering a suite of apps designed to streamline and simplify financial management. Discover the difference our online platforms can make in managing your business finances with ease. Start by requesting a free consultation online or give us a call us at 503-705-5686 to learn more.

Our Comprehensive Suite Includes:


- Xero Accounting Software: Enjoy responsive support via phone or email, ensuring your accounting system is always running smoothly. We handle the initial setup to ensure accounts are mapped accurately and create customized invoice templates for your business needs.


- Gusto Payroll Solutions: Benefit: From flexible payroll features tailored to manage your team efficiently. Our service includes comprehensive employee management and the filing of all federal, state, and local payroll tax forms, simplifying payroll administration.


- Hubdoc Receipt and Document Management: Say goodbye to manual data entry with our virtual file cabinet. This feature automatically extracts key information from receipts, invoices, and bills, syncing directly with Xero. Simply snap a photo with your mobile device, and you’re done.


- SmartVault Secure Document Portal: Our secure client document portal facilitates easy sharing of sensitive financial documents. Plus, with eSignature services, approving documents becomes quicker and more efficient, streamlining your financial operations.


Why Choose Micro Accounting Partners?


Our tailored approach connects you to the power of technology, offering speed, convenience, and unparalleled ease of use. From setup to ongoing management, we ensure your financial tools are perfectly aligned with your business needs, making financial management a seamless part of your day-to-day operations. Contact us at 503-705-5686 to learn how we can make managing your business finances easier and more efficient than ever.

xero bronze.png
  • Responsive Xero support by phone or email

  • Initial setup to map accounts correctly

  • Creating custom templates for invoices

  • A virtual file cabinet for receipts and statements

  • Extracts key information from your receipts,
    invoices, and bills

  • Automatically syncs with Xero to eliminate data entry

  • Snap a photo with the app on your mobile device

  • Flexible payroll features

  • Employee management

  • File all federal, state, and local payroll tax forms

  • Secure client document portal

  • eSignature services

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