Shopify Accounting Services

shopify accounting services

For the Shopify seller, accounting tasks can easily become frustrating and time-consuming. The pressure to maintain your books may tempt you to cut some corners but that can be dangerous. Ecommerce businesses have the potential to grow very quickly but can burn out just as fast if you don't watch your finances carefully. To really understand what's going on with your business, you need to do more than keep up with the bookkeeping. You must look past the dry accounting data to identify selling trends and plan for the future. When you team up with Micro Accounting Partners, we'll provide the financial tools that will allow you to see beyond the numbers to make data-driven business decisions.

Our accountants specialize in ecommerce accounting. We know that accounting for ecommerce businesses is a whole different animal than traditional small business accounting so we've created strategies to address your unique needs. We use cloud accounting combined with business intelligence products to find ways to manage inventory, maximize sales, and make sure your business is on the right track. We'll compare your gross versus net revenue, help you figure out where to cut prices and where to raise them, and seize every opportunity to increase profits.

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