Ecommerce Business Intelligence Services

Accounting for the ecommerce industry involves a high volume of transactions. The frantic pace of selling products online means constantly tracking inventory and costs to maintain healthy cash flow and keep the right amount of product in your warehouse. With this much at stake, guesswork is out of the question. To clearly see how to make your next move, you need to analyze your financial data in a meaningful way. Our business intelligence solutions will make sense of the hard data and provide insights that will help you run your business more smoothly.

We use cutting-edge technology to track sales trends and expenses and turn it into information you can use to improve business performance. These diagnostic tools dig deep into your finances, forecast upcoming sales and expose areas where critical adjustments are needed. Armed with these analytics, you'll be able to make strategic business decisions that harmonize with what the data is showing you. You'll know exactly which products you should invest in more and which ones to pull out, maximizing inventory dollars. You'll also see where to implement changes that will increase revenues and provide opportunities to expand your business.

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Business consulting and advisory:

  • Biweekly meetings to discuss business improvements
  • Summary performance scorecard
  • Sales, gross margin, and net results trends
  • Analyzing potential lost sales due to inventory outages
  • Comparative results analysis with prior year and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Lost sales trending reports (requires a full year of sales data)
  • Identifying promotional sales opportunities (requires a full year of sales data)
  • Cost percentage comparisons by year

Reports We Provide

We provide comprehensive reporting on your accounting data. Below is one example, click here to see more reports.